A new elegant calculator that makes grading convenient and enjoyable.

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Built by a teacher for teachers. Meet Mark.

As teachers, grading assignments holds a somewhat dark place in our heart. We may not necessarily hate grading but we certainly do not enjoy it. Mark was created to provide the convenience of removing non-essential workflows from a normal calculator married with the elegance of brilliant design and user experience.

Simple yet elegant

Mark's design removes unnecessary "wiz-bang" that can be found in other applications and replaces it with beautiful and functional design.

Fast, and fast

By setting a constant point total, this allows quicker calculations without the use of the dreaded "clear button."

Built with love

The expansion of Mark is driven by a committed developer with additional features to be added in the near future.

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Mark's features options

Mark was developed to be easily updated and extensible; making it available for further additions and optimizations for all iOS devices.

  • Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Can automatically round each calculated grade to the nearest whole percent
  • Optionally calculate grade percentages above 100%
  • Immersive yet un-disruptive sound effects that can be toggled on and off